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Under the wing of the San Diego Dance Theater, one of the leading modern dance companies in California, Colette has made her home in Studio 106. With her guidance, already dozens of students (aged 6 to 75) navigate intricate tango steps locked in close embrace.

"She is simply amazing and I'm delighted to have her teaching here" says Jean Isaacs, Artistic Director of the San Diego Dance Theatre. Herself an American icon of modern dance, Ms. Isaacs, who also speaks fluent Spanish, is no stranger to Tango and to its unimaginable emotional and technical demands. "We are lucky to have her here. It takes much more than two to tango. And Colette can teach you what it takes".
   With her former partner Richard Council, Colette won the USA Tango Championship. Astonishingly, she was also Tango Salon finalist from among more than five hundred couples at the Buenos Aires competition, the ultimate test for the creme de la creme of tangueros from all over the world. It is highly unusual for a "gringa" to earn the respect and appreciation from the inner circle of Argentinan-born Tango Masters, who consider her "one of them."
   A couple of years ago Colette and Richard were chosen to perform in "The Heart of Tango," the beautiful documentary by J. Robinson, an outstanding visual adventure into the universe of tango.

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