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Your Wedding Dance

Let Tango With Colette create an unforgettable first-dance at your wedding which will NOT be the conventional waltz but a "cool" and most memorable Argentine Tango, the dance of magic and passion between a man and a woman! In one of the most important days of your whole life, join so many couples who dared and now watch themselves dancing together a wonderful tango and leaving speechless family and friends!

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* Call her at (514) 726.5567
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Dance Place San Diego
2650 Truxtun Rd., #106
San Diego, CA 92106
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Whether you are an experienced dancer or you are just terrified by the idea of dancing in public, Colette will walk you effortlessly through the about-three-minute experience. Before you know, you will become enamored with the special and unique choreography that Colette will create for you both.
Your perfect wedding will start with a perfect first-dance, as a fit metaphor for what will be the rest of your life together. Depending on your time availability, you could have a more complex choreography, say once-a-week class for six months (24 hours), or a simpler one for only 10 hours. Tango With Colette works in collaboration with top wedding planners, photographers and other specialists to assist you to create an incredible wedding along with a spectacular Tango..